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English classes via Skype

Foreign Languages Center  TRINITY

provides an excellent opportunity of the distant learning of  English via Skype.



We teach such languages:



   Le Francais 




   Russian as a foreign language

  The lessons with the native speakers are available!

The students can be prepared to such British and American Exams via Skype:

 IELTS     TOEFL   GMAT             



We also provide teaching of the following subjects in Russian and English:

  • mathematics (algebra and geometry)
  • higher mathematics
  • physics
  • chemestry
  • astrobiology
  • bio-informatics
  • bio-physics


Prices for teaching via SKYPE

Course name Course duration (recommendable)

Price of one lesson for an individual

(80 min)

Price for the block of lessons

(8 lessons)


 Levels from the beginner (А0) till

intermediate (В1) 

24 lessons
(individually agreed with the client)

UAH 370

UAH 2960 


Levels В2-С2 до

Level С2

Business English

24 lessons
(individually agreed with the client);

UAH 390

UAH 420



UAH 390

UAH 3120

UAH 3360



UAH 3120

English with NativeSpeakers 24 lessons
(individually agreed with the client)
UAH 570 UAH 4560

Preparation for


24 lessons
(individually agreed with the client)

UAH 390

UAH 3120

Preparation for


24 lessons
(individually agreed with the client)

390/ 420/UAH


Preparation for


24 lessons
(individually agreed with the client)

UAH 420

UAH 3360

German, French, Spanish

24 lessons
(individually agreed with the client)

UAH 390

UAH 3120

Arabic, Chinese

24 lessons
(individually agreed with the client)

UAH 400

UAH 3200



Higher Mathematics





24 lessons
(individually agreed with the client)

UAH 390


What is your level of English?

Take  Online test on our web-site



Please find the Teachers Profiles   here

Please note!

Before paying for the course or the block of lessons, you can order a FREE 30 minutes trial lesson via SKYPE!

The lessons are carried out individually or  in mini-groups of 2-5 persons (according to your wish).

In this case the payment is changed accordingly

Standard duration of a lesson = 80 min.

You can agree another duration of a lesson (the price will be recalculated accordingly).


Please write and add your contact name into our SKYPE! Our Skype name - trinity_education_group1


How to start a course?

English online

STEP 1 - Identify your language level by taking on-line test.

STEP 2 - Send your order for a FREE trial lesson. 

TRINITY administrator will contact you shortly to agree the time of your free trial lesson.

You can also ring us to any contact number, to write in to the Skype, Viber, Whatsapp or send an email.


After the trial lesson:

STEP 3 - You pay for the desired course;

STEP 4 - We prepare the contract for the study;

STEP 5 - You will be sent the necessary study material sand will start the lessons.

Howis the on-line teaching of English organized via Skype?

  • Study material All the necessary study materials sent to your email before the lesson. 
  • Home tasks.The full filled home tasks are to be sent to your teacher before the lesson. Duringthelessonyouwillanalyzethemistakestogether with the teacher. 
  • The Callin Skype.We would recommend to have ear-phones and a microphone available during the lesson in case of the low quality of the communication. 
  • During each lesson the following are a soft he language are worked through: Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking.


How to pay

1) By cash in Trinity office in Kiev.

2) to a CARD (of Privatbank or VTB bank), the bank details will sent to via SKYPE or e-mail


4) by Yandex money.


Please NOTE! Please inform us about the full filled payment by an e-mail.

English online 

Your advantages:

  • Professional approach and individual study programme.
  • Possibility to choose your study schedule.
  • Easy ways of payment.
  • Saving your time.
  • Free access to the resources of the Trinity Centre. All study materials will be available for free.
  • Summary report on the lessons carried out.
  • Obtaining of the certificate on the course completion.


How to get enrolled to Trinity:

Leave your application for the study or ring us. 

+38(044)22 33 181

+38(099)333 52 52 (Tel, Viber, Whatsapp)

+38(063)115 73 11

+38(067)337 62 62 (Tel, Viber, Whatsapp)