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Russian and Ukrainian

TRINITY offers a tailor-made course "Russian and Ukrainian for foreigners".

The program of the course is individual for each student, depending on the intensity of attendance, the number of hours dedicated by a student and wishes regarding the professional orientation.

Who should choose the course "Russian and Ukrainian for foreigners"?

  • International students;
  • Tourists;
  • Expats;
  • Businessmen;
  • People who for whatever reason found themselves in Russian-speaking countries and want to feel at ease in everyday communication.

At the Russian language lessons emphasis is made on the practical grammar and speech development.  However, at the student`s request the teacher can prepare an individual program.

The Russian and Ukrainian language courses for foreigners cover different communicative situations:

  • Acquaintance with new people and a story about yourself;
  • Communication at work;
  • Travels;
  • Different dialogues in shops, hospitals;
  • Getting around a city;
  • A visit to friends, etc.



The basis for each lesson is the "live chat", therefore a student enriches his/her vocabulary and improves listening skills in each lesson.

Besides, the Russian language course for foreigners includes regular practice of grammar and spelling.

People from China, India, South Africa, Syria, the USA, the UAE and France study Russian in TRINITY.

Trinity teachers are creative and energetic!

Our purpose is to give you excellent knowledge!

Как начать обучение? How to start learning

STEP 1 - Identify your level of English by taking on-line test;

STEP 2 - apply for a free trial lesson (our administrator will soon contact you to agree convenient time of your trial lesson), or call us on one of our phones, you can also contact us in SKYPE;

After the trial lesson:

STEP 3 - you pay for the chosen course;

STEP 4 - we conclude the study contract;

STEP 5 - you obtain all necessary study materials and start the course;

How is the online ENGLISH skype course carried out 

  • Study materials. First of all, all the study materials will be sent to your e-mail; 
  • Homework. All the hometasks, are to be sent to the teacher before the lesson. The hometasks will be checked during the lesson to analyse the mistakes; 
  • The Skype call. During the lesson it is recommended to have head-phones and a microphone at your disposal in case of the bad communication quality; 
  • During the lesson the following aspects of the language are worked over: Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking. 

Ways of payment

1) by cash at the school;
2) to our card (Privatbank, Monobank), payment details will be sent via the skype or e-mail. 
3) Payment systems
4) Paypal


Important! Please inform us about the payment fulfilled by an e-mail message. 


Price list (1 hour)

Course (levels) Group class Individual class

A0 - Starter

A1 - Elementary

А2 - Pre-Intermediate

В1 - Intermediate



9 € (245 hrn)



13 € (350 hrn)


2-3 times a week

duration of the course depends on your level


B2-C1 Upper-Intermediate


9 € (245 hrn)


13 € (350 hrn)

2-3 times a week

duration of the course depends on your level

You can sign up for Russian language courses for foreigners in Kiev by:

: trinity_education_group1

: trinity.edu.kiev@gmail.com


Как записаться в TRINITY:

Оставляйте заявку на консультацию или звоните нам по тел.

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