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Seminar for teachers "Error correction"


TRINITY Education Group offers a seminar for teachers

"Error correction in Speaking and Writing"



Date: October 28, November 11 (2 days)

Time: 14.00

Speaker:  Thomas

Qualifications: CPE, IELTS, CELTA, TKT, Cambridge English Teacher.


Seminar summary:


Gain a thorough understanding of Error correction teaching techniques and help your learners approach learning with confidence. Use practical strategies and activities to fully prepare your learners for (exam) success.

Prerequisites: C1-C2 levels

Duration: 2 days (80 mins each)




Introductory overview Common mistakes teachers make while correcting speaking errors


Teaching strategies for error correction:

  • What constitutes an error? Who sets the criteria?
  • Are all errors relevant? How to know when to correct an error?
  • Correction techniques. On-the-spot or Delayed? How to implement? Drawing attention of learners to errors. Practical tasks



Introductory overview Common issues faced while correcting writing


The program of this day includes:

  • Content vs Grammar and vocabulary. What’s the right approach? Assessment.
  • Developing learner autonomy. Sharing responsibility for error correction.
  • Correction techniques. Make your error correction effective.


All the participants receive certificates of attendance.

Cost is 300 UAN per day

500 UAN per 2 days


This seminar takes into consideration practical aspects of error correction.


By the end of this seminar you will have learnt:

  • How to successfully deal with common errors
  • How to be a more result-oriented teacher
  • Contemporary standards for error correction in the world of ELT

Фото с семинара, который проходил в 28.10.2019 году





Фото с семинара, который проходил в 2018 году









Alina Sidletskaya, 24 Feb 2018

I have always been of the opinion that you can never stop developing and improving your English as well as your teaching skills. 
Luckily I got a chance (just happened to see the notice in the Internet) to be a listener of a thwo-step course "Error correction" delivered by Trinity!
These meetings were exciting, informative, resourceful and necessary for me! I loved trying myself in a role of a student and practicing some tasks with the help of other English teachers!:) We even had to do some homework which was a real challenge, I must say! (Yes, nobody enjoys doing homework! Even teachers!;)
I guess we all had some fun and it was rather renewing for me as changing social roles can produce a powerful effect and help in better understanding of what students feel like sometimes. Moreover, these hours spent with other teachers were truly motivating as you can always learn something new from your colleagues!;)))



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