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  • Тест 1-й сложности (уровни А1-В1)
  • Тест 2-й сложности (уровни В2-С2)

ЗАПОЛНИТЕ форму и УЗНАЙТЕ свой результат!
Fill in the form and get the results of your test!
1. Rome ______ a beautiful city.
2. That’s Katy. _______ is my sister.
3. He was born ______Madrid.
4. How _______ are you?
5. I _______see the door.
6. This book is the ______.
7. I ________ TV when the telephone rang.
8. He is sleeping. He ______ be tired.
9. Do you have any plans for Friday? We _______ to have a party.
10. I _____ him so upset.
11. When I drive a car, I always _____ troubles.
12. If I _______ you I would be more careful doing business with him.
13. He ______ his business before he was 20.
14. The gentleman, ______ car is standing next to mine, is my neighbor.
15. She _______ going to the cinema.
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ЗАПОЛНИТЕ форму и УЗНАЙТЕ свой результат!
Fill in the form and get the results of your test!
1. Where did you live before you moved here? We________ in a small village.
2. Can I speak to Jenny, please? Sorry, she ________ a shower right now.
3. Why are you looking so pleased? Steve has just ________ us out for a meal.
4. Is that a history book you’ve got there? Yes, I’m very interested ______ Spanish history.
5. Is this Arthur’s wallet? Yes, he’s been _________ for that everywhere.
6. He _________ more and more experience until he finally reached the top of his profession.
7. Mrs Green _________ Tom’s progress in Maths that term.
8. It was a ________ squabble and they didn’t make up for weeks.
Use the letters in CAPITALS to form a word that completes the sentence

Впишите слова ЗАГЛАВНЫМИ буквами, чтобы сформировать предложение

9.I’m not sure about the of Ms Grey for this post. SUIT
10.Our work is largely financed by and donations. SUBSCRIBE
11.Small but steps were taken to prevent the virus from spreading into the atmosphere. ESSENCE
12.But for his contributions the team would have never succeeded in the semi-final. NUMBER
13.There are no on the number of people each member can bring along. RESTRICT
14.If you need information, please talk to the librarian. ADD
15.We don’t have an supply of tickets so please contact Ms Kay to check availability. LIMIT
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