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Пожалуйста, выберите уровень сложности теста

  • Тест 1-й сложности (уровни А1-В1)
  • Тест 2-й сложности (уровни В2-С2)

ЗАПОЛНИТЕ форму и УЗНАЙТЕ свой результат!
1. He___________at the moment.
2. Where_____________________?
3. Who did________at the meeting?
4. ‘_______________________to the UK, Andrew?’ ’No, I haven’t.’
5. New York is ____________________________city I’ve ever been to.
6. If you don’t study, you _____________________bad grades.
7. ‘Can we meet on Saturday?’ ’I’m afraid I can’t, James__________for lunch. Let’s make it next week, all right?’
8. She______________with her friend when the doorbell rang.
9. Is he the man___________wife is a writer?
10. My friend John,_________is a painter, lives across the street.
11. Sheila works in __________university.
12. He_________his business before he was twenty.
13. You_________tell anyone about this, Sara. It’s a secret, okay?
14. I always go swimming_________Saturdays.
15. I’m sure if you___________hard, you’ll see the results in one year.
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ЗАПОЛНИТЕ форму и УЗНАЙТЕ свой результат!
1. By the time Mary gets here, the film__________________.
2. I wish I________in such a cold country!
3. If Peter hadn’t studied music, he_________a concert pianist.
4. Yes, I thought this morning I might need a new watch, but they just changed the battery in my old watch and it was working perfectly after all. So, I________a new one.
5. How come Christina isn’t here? Didn’t you send her an invitation? I did send her one, but I think it___________in the mail.
6. You do believe every citizen has the right to free speech,_________?
7. __________AIDS threatens to spread further in the near future was discussed in a recent meeting.
8. You_________another job pretty soon. I have a feeling the company is going to lay off quite a few workers.
9. ______________,he went to collect his payment.
10. Paul: What _____________? You’re as red as a tomato! Susan: Sunbathing in the garden.
11. It’s not worth________him. He never helps anyone!
12. In general, he___________about personal topics with anybody.
13. He decided to leave the company because he____________with his boss.
14. When you meet the Queen you________certain types of protocol.
15. He categorically denied_________his colleague’s money.
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